Usage example of CGFLEX solution.15-esquema-veiculos-e1427336954412-ENGLISH

Here is an overview of our solution using as an example the deployment in a car dealership that provides maintenance services for its customers.

Note the following details:

» Used in a local computer network: computers are networked to access the server. The amount of computers that can use the system simultaneously is unlimited.

» Used via internet: the system can be accessed via the Internet to send reports and it can send supply level alerts to distributors.

» In the server: the electronic boards are connected for wired or wireless communication.

» Supply equipments (electronic boards): they send and receive commands to the server. The start of the supply is made by the operator pressing the trigger of the nozzle. The equipment, along with the system, make periodic monitoring of tank levels. The supplies can be simultaneously made and the amount of equipment in operation is unlimited.

» Exemplifying the process: 

1) The customer scheduling is done by the receptionist.

2) On the date/time scheduled, operators process the work orders.

3) Managers monitor the progress of work orders through reports and they can make maintenance of records and send promotions to their customers.

4) Distributors receive tank level alerts to schedule the replacement of lubricants.