Supply equipment of CGFLEX solution.caixa correta

This is the equipment of CGFLEX solution we developed to process the supply procedure. Connected to the central computer (server), this device communicates with the system for sending and receiving commands to initiate service orders and to monitor the level of the tanks.

Check out some important characteristics of the equipment:

» Compact device, easy to install and with a modern and fresh look.

» Resistent external plastic box.

» On standby mode, displays the pump number:

For example: B-01, B-02, B-03, etc.

» Before starting the supply process, it shows the exact amount determined by the operator.

For example: 5 L (to supply 5 liters).

» While supplying, it shows gradually the remaining amount.

» The electronic boards can connect to the primary computer with wires or wireless.

» High-range wireless communication.