We bring many benefits for your company

CGFLEX solution was designed and planned to bring these key benefits for our customers:

» Improve the control and operational management:

Control with precision the scheduling, work orders operation and the replacement of lubricants stocks. Monitor closely the costs and profitability of your company. Plan the demand for complementary products in advance and, for businesses that have their own fleets, predict the upcoming reviews of their vehicles.

» Cost reduction:

Reduce the need for your company to maintain large physical storage spaces for products and lubricants tanks, also reducing other costs such as insurances and taxes. Avoid costs related do operating wastes, leaks or lubricants thefts.

» Improve the relationships with the customers:

Analyze the evolution and the sales history of your customers. Maintain a healthy relationship with them to plan and disseminate targeted promotions based on analytical sales data. Find out who are your best customers.

» Respect the environment:

Avoid using cans and bottles of lubricants that at the end of the supply process, should be properly handled so that they are not improperly disposed in the environment. Avoid the costs of reverse logistics process these containers. Show your customers that your company respects the environment.

» Time optimization:

Standardize the supply and service work orders process. With the fast and standardized process we offer, process a greater number of daily work orders, increasing efficiency and profitability of your company.