We present CGFLEX solution.

By identifying a business opportunity in lubrication management area in the Brazilian market, we found the lack of a truly intelligent and national solution and so we decided to develop the CGFLEX solution to meet the need for a control and management system in this area.

We have analyzed and studied the Brazilian market and we identified some needs raised by potential customers to develop CGFLEX solution, forming and organizing our corporate group as follows:

» Wearcontrol: business consulting in the lubricant management.

» Netport Informática: development of the control and fluid management system.

» Niatron Equipamentos Eletrônicos: development of the supply electronic board.

We offer a modern and constantly evolving solution, highlighting these key features:

» Research, development and production 100% national.

» Comprising supply electronic boards controlled by the system.

» For bulk fluids/greases supply.

» Simultaneous supply using two or more electronic boards.

» Waste or fraud detection.

» Customer relationship management.

» Developed with ecological awareness.

» Management reports.

» Sending information via the Internet.

CGFLEX solution is being presented at national and international markets (particularly Mercosur, USA, Europe and China) and is attracting a growing interest in companies that need the benefits and respect for the environment that our solution can offer.