We differ from our competitors.

We developed CGFLEX solution thinking about important requisites that are also valued by our customers through the initial experience of our technical team to the Brazilian market, resulting in a flexible and adaptable to changing needs and the reality of new markets and other countries.

We believe that the following itens are important differentials of CGFLEX solution in relation to other solutions from our competitors:

» Research, development and production 100% national:

The whole process to complete CGFLEX solution was carried out by our group of Brazilian companies, contributing to the development of our industry. Also, as an example of a practical situation, unlike the products from some of our competitors who represent foreign companies, this means that the system, equipment and manuals will be available in Portuguese for the Brazilian market (all these resources can also be translated to other languages).

» Waste or fraud detection:

This is a unique and innovative feature that we developed in our system in accordance with needs identified by our customers. Periodic monitoring is carried out and, in case of unauthorized changes in the level of the tanks, notifications are recorded and sent to those responsible.

» Future revisions forecasts for fleets:

For companies that have their own fleets, such as carriers, our system can predict the approximate date of the next review, making possible for the maintenance staff to be prepared in advance for the generated demand by checking their lubricants stocks and complementary products (filters, among others) that are already registered and will be presented in the forecast reports.

» Fast computer system, easy to install and update:

Our customers do not need to purchase new computers to use our system. Respecting the current situation of our customers IT resources is one of the solution requirements. Our system does not require other intermediate programs (such as JAVA or .NET) and does not consume many computer resources (like RAM memory, hard disk storage space and processor time). It can run on all versions of Microsoft Windows (currently Windows XP to Windows 8 and all versions of servers in 32/64 bit platforms). Future updates can be done quickly on the internet.

» Post-sales and technical support:

Our customers can count on our team of expert technical support for troubleshooting. For post-sales activities, we want to track the results of our customers to ensure that our solution bring the expected results.